Much of available housing is produced primarily as commercial real estate and less for their qualities as ‘homes’ to be lived-in

Existing housing models offer less choice. People have to compromise and adapt to what is already available in the market than what they might have wanted.

Housing makes up a huge part of the city. Housing is, therefore, a city-building activity. Yet very few projects approach housing as having a stake in creating the kind of cities that we want to live-in

Reimagining how we approach housing will open a lot of possibilities in creating better living environments.


Building (in) Groups

Housing projects that are self-initiated and self-developed by a group of people who will be the future inhabitants. By eliminating the developer and therefore the profit margin of the developer, the building is considerably cheaper than any commercially available house.

Co-operative housing

Housing estate jointly held by a co-operative trust thereby insulating the land and house prices from the fluctuating prices of the speculative real-estate market. The housing estate is made of many varieties of housing units so that people from different ages, different walks of life could live along.

Mixed-use development

Mixing different types of housing with other functions such as offices, commerce, recreation etc to create a diverse urban environment than dull monofunctional zones.


What is Alternative Housing?

An unrelenting urban growth brings with it many problems, including a need for good affordable housing. It is not that difficult to connect poor housing solutions as one of the important causes of the rising inequalities in our cities. But what if we approached housing as if people mattered?

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